About Us

Brandon & Michelle Whittall

We are Brandon and Michelle Whittall. We have dreamed of owning our own business for a long time – over 20 yrs, but knowing exactly what we wanted to do was the harder part. We married young and started a family so we put our focus on raising a family in the “early years”.

Fast forward to 2017, our kids were much older, we had more time to think about entrepreneurship again. We started a furniture painting business where we use our skills and talents to refinish vintage furniture and give it a new lease on life. We soon realized that we were going to need more space. Also loved the idea of opening our own little storefront where we could sell painted furniture and have a workshop. Even though that was something we needed, we weren’t ready to take that step. That’s how The Merc was born.

There were other artisans and small businesses out there that just needed space, a storefront. So, we got everyone together and opened The Mercantile. We love that the space is filled with handmade goods. Bringing our 20+ years of work experience to The Merc helped as well. We’ve both had different jobs over the years that have prepared us for owning this business. We’ve met so many wonderful and talented people on this journey. We are passionate about seeing other people succeed and watching their businesses grow. We know the best is yet to come! Check out our second location, Lark Street in Albany.

Clinton Street Mercantile

Clinton Street Mercantile

  • Full of Arts & Entertainment
  • Restaurants and Shops
  • Local College Campuses
  • New Housing Construction
  • Innovative Office Spaces

Parking Information

  • Metered street parking available daily. 
  • Municipal parking lot next door – first 2 hours free.
  • Free parking on weekends – street & lot.

Visit our other location at Lark Street, Albany.